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Bag N' Tag


  • With the completion of build season, 612 revealed their 2023-2024 robot name, “Sonic”. 

  • 612 prepared the team for competition and celebrated its hard work at its annual “Bag N’ Tag” event.


Chantilly Robotics officially releases its robot’s name for the 2023-2024 season, “Sonic”, a name that encapsulates the pulsing energy of our team as we charge ahead into competition season. With competition in two days, Chantilly Robotics (Team 612) completes their last meeting before their first competition, in Ashland, VA. With this huge milestone, Team 612 celebrates its large accomplishment with the fun, annual 612 event known as “Bag N’ Tag”. 

This 612 tradition originated from the old FRC rules, where teams were required to stop working on their robots after 6 weeks on a date called “Stop Build Day”, and bag them up before this competition. While this rule was discontinued in 2019, Chantilly Robotics continued with the tradition of bagging up competition robots every Thursday before their first competition, at each Bag N’ Tag.

This year’s Bag N’ Tag is a full-packed evening to prepare the team for competition and celebrate 612’s hard work during the season. The night starts off with 612 leadership announcing the robot’s name by playing a Robot Reveal video highlighting Melody. The 2024 Chantilly Robotics Robot reveal can be seen here. Then, 612 enters spirit practice, where members go over the classic 612 chants as well as learn the new Melody-specific chants for competition. Towards the end of the meeting, 612 takes its annual team picture, leadership signs the robot and then the team places the robot into a bag and packs it into a van, ready for competition. After taking team pictures, 612 gathers at a local IHOP to celebrate the hard work of every member during the build season. 612’s “Bag N’ Tag” event not only demonstrates our commitment to excellence but also strengthens our team spirit as we now head into competition.

About Chantilly Robotics

Founded in 2001 with eight student members as an engineering class project, Chantilly  Robotics is one of the largest extracurricular organizations at Chantilly High School with over  100 registered members each year. Team 612 competes at FIRST Robotics Competitions in the  Chesapeake District. Outside of competition Team 612 supports multiple FIRST Lego League  Teams and elementary school STEM activities in the Chantilly High School Pyramid, spreading  love for STEM as well as FIRST values through community outreach.  

For more information, visit or email The  Chantilly Governor’s STEM Academy, located at Chantilly High School, sponsors Team 612.  Chantilly Academy inspires and empowers a diverse body of learners to explore career  pathways employing current industry trends taught by dedicated professionals. . 


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