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Rising from the Ashes

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


  • Team’s 612 robot, despite its setbacks, quickly bounced back to tremendously excel in the subsequent competition!

  • Fixing technical issues pertaining to their grabber and climb system, 612 placed 4th during the 2nd D.C district event and 2nd in the Semifinals in addition to earning the Creativity Award, now excitedly awaiting our championship qualification results.

MARCH 16, 2022, CHANTILLY, V.A. Chantilly Robotics has just finished their two district competitions, and it’s quite a story! While it’s been a ride of ups and downs, here is a summary of their recent events:

After weeks of commitment and dedication, 612 officially concluded our 2022 build season on March 3rd! At their unofficial Bag and Tag, the team revealed the name of their spirit-filled robot: Phoenix! As a celebration, the team had their annual dinner at a local IHOP, where nearly seventy members displayed their tremendous team spirit and had a wonderful time, awaiting the 1st District Event.

At the 1st Greater D.C. District Event, the team cheered on Phoenix at their organized watch party with hours of enthusiastic cheer. Unfortunately, Chantilly Robotics placed 16th — after their grabber’s control, extension mechanism, and servos failed which overextended the arm multiple times. Though disappointing that the efforts of the team in building a well-performing robot seemed to have failed, 612’s team spirit never faded. Nevertheless, this competition deterred the team from reflecting on their faults and improving their technological processes. Over the next week, Chantilly Robotics members spent all their time perfecting the robot — reinforcing the grabber and testing traversal climb. At the District Event #2, members anxiously awaited to see Phoenix perform. After a nail-biting competition, Chantilly Robotics placed as a finalist and became third alliance captain, their first time in three years. Moreover, Chantilly Robotics became one of the teams to engage in Chesapeake District’s first ever triple traversal climb, making history in the region! Dedication and motivation proved the team successful, and their consistent efforts allowed Phoenix to rise from the ashes. Now, Team 612 is eagerly anticipating a promising performance at District Championships, located in Hampton, Virginia!

This team, time and time again, goes to prove that failure is never forever, and can be overcome with hard work, team camaraderie, and reflection. From a malfunctioning arm, 612 rose twelve places for their robot to make district history with that same arm - all in a span of a single week. All the thanks goes to 612’s members who’ve tirelessly worked over twenty hours a week to build a great robot and never, ever giving up on the team’s prosperity. Chantilly Robotics still has a way to go, but their members and creation are fully ready to show off 612 in its best light at districts.

Without the support of sponsors like you, Team 612 would not be able to plan and offer such diverse outreach opportunities to promote STEM in our community. For Team 612 to continue providing opportunities to the next generation of STEM innovators, they need continued support from sponsors. For more details, please email or visit

About Chantilly Robotics

At Chantilly Robotics Team 612, we brighten the future for leaders and student

technologists within our team, school and community through fun and engaging methods of

learning and teaching while shining a light on the importance of STEM (science, technology,

engineering, math). Chantilly Robotics was founded in 2001 with eight student members and has

grown to over 80 members in the 2022 season. Team 612 competes at FIRST Robotics

Competitions in the Chesapeake District and spreads STEM as well as FIRST values through

community outreach. For more information, visit or email Chantilly Robotics Team 612 is a club within Chantilly Academy, a

public educational institution.


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