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612 Gears Up for the FRC Season with Four Award Submissions!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


  • Chantilly Robotics started a successful, all-virtual season on January 9th, submitting for four challenges.

  • Team 612 is shifting their focus to planning outreach events, including a hackathon, Hack612, slated for mid-2021.

  • The team is in need of sponsors and judges to help run Hack612. If you are interested, please contact us at

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA, MARCH 22ND, 2021. Chantilly Robotics FRC Team 612 is nearing completion on the first ever all-virtual FRC season. Since the season kickoff on January 9th, Chantilly Robotics has been hard at work preparing submissions for the brand new FIRST Innovation Challenge and Game Design Challenge as well as continuing old traditions through entering into the Chairman’s Award and Safety Animation Award.

From January to March, the Innovation Challenge and Game Design Challenge team worked in parallel to complete their entries. The Innovation Challenge team created a proposal to “FIRSTify” exercise through ClanFit, an application that incentivizes exercise through cooperative and competitive gameplay. The Game Design team created Disco Dance-Off, a new FIRST Robotics Competition game centered around placing colored cubes in specific positions to earn points to win against other teams. On January 14th, a small group of artistic Team 612 members submitted 612’s second ever Safety Animation Award entry, cementing it as a Chantilly Robotics tradition. 612’s Marketing subteam also submitted their Chairman’s Essay, a 10,000-character paper describing the signature qualities and outreach endeavors of the team, on February 25th. On March 20th, they performed the Chairman’s presentation in front of a panel of judges.

Chantilly Robotics is currently preparing presentations for most of these awards, which are said to be given throughout March. In the meantime, the team will be planning more outreach events, such as a local hackathon for high school students, Hack612. Hack612 will be held virtually at approximately mid-2021. Team 612 is looking for sponsors to provide judges and prize pools for the event. If you are interested in supporting Hack612, please email us at

Without the support of sponsors like you, Team 612 would not be able to compete in the 2021 season. For Team 612 to continue supporting the next generation of STEM innovators, they need continued support from sponsors. For more details, please email or visit


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