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A Bittersweet Finale

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


  • Team 612 successfully got through a year with months of hard work and dedication from their members.

  • New leadership and captains have been selected through a very competitive applicant pool, and they have made their mark on the team already.

  • Team 612 hosted their annual lessons learned meeting, in which they covered the blind spots and successes of their team this year through discussion and group activities.

May 30, 2023, CHANTILLY, V.A. After months of long hours of work every day, the 2022-2023 season has come to an end, but the team is not saying goodbye. Let’s take a look at 612’s final accomplishments of the season.

Chantilly Robotics is brimming with bittersweet feelings, spending the last month looking back on the season and their year as a team. Team 612 congregated to reflect on the season through their Lessons Learned meeting. Through compelling activities and group discussions, Team 612 was able to recognize their blind spots as well as their strong points. The team plans on implementing the new strategies to restructure themselves in a way that will result in major improvements for the next season.

Even though Team 612 has been spending time over the last month looking back over their season, they have also been hard at work planning for next season. Mechanical continues to work on CAD/CNC Lessons for the members, and the programming subteam is working on the code for swerve drive. Electrical is building a more optimal battery cart, and marketing is working on outreach reorganization and coming up with solutions to meet deadlines next year.

Over the last month, as the seniors graduate, selections for new leadership come into the spotlight. A competitive applicant pool and almost a week’s decision process led to the selection of the 2023-2024 Chantilly Robotics Leadership. 612 welcomes Anika Giri (CEO), Alexander Sia (COO), Abhinav Vadlamani (CTO), Anusha Ghosalkar (CMO) and Ankur Madan (CFO) for their roles as the incoming leaders of the Team. The new members of leadership have already made a mark on this team, organizing the annual 612 banquet.

The members of Team 612 assembled in the Chantilly Cafeteria on June 1st for this Banquet. The Banquet is an event in which the team celebrates their successes throughout the year. 612 recognized their passionate seniors, for all their hard work and dedication from their time with the team, their wonderful mentors, parent leads, and teachers for all of their support, which made the team’s successes possible. Additionally, 612 is very grateful for all of the assistance which sponsors like you have given throughout the season. That assistance allowed for the amazing achievements 612 recorded this year.

Without the support of sponsors like you, Team 612 would not be able to plan and offer such diverse outreach opportunities to promote STEM in our community. For Team 612 to continue providing opportunities to the next generation of STEM innovators, they need continued support from sponsors. For more details, please email or visit

About Chantilly Robotics

At Chantilly Robotics Team 612, we brighten the future for leaders and student technologists within our team, school and community through fun and engaging methods of learning and teaching while shining a light on the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Chantilly Robotics was founded in 2001 with eight student members and has grown to over 140 members in the 2020 season. Team 612 competes at FIRST Robotics Competitions in the Chesapeake District and spreads STEM as well as FIRST values through community outreach. For more information, visit or email Chantilly Robotics Team 612 is a club within Chantilly Academy, a public educational institution.


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