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A Summer of Smooth Sailing

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


  • Team 612 organized their annual Summer CAD program, teaching the fundamentals of CAD to returning members to ensure everyone is experienced in CAD for the season.

  • Team 612 organized and cleaned up shop and organized all parts and materials for the coming year.

  • Team 612 hosted their annual Brookfield Elementary School Summer camp, which ran for three weeks. 612 members came into Brookfield and guided the young students through a variety of STEM activities.

  • Team 612 hosted their annual Basketball Game as an exciting way to build team spirit.

JULY 31, 2023, CHANTILLY V.A. Following the end of the 2022-2023 school year, Chantilly Robotics remains diligent in their preparations and planning for the upcoming season. From cleaning up shop to setting up Summer CAD programs for our members, here is what 612 has been up to this summer.

To kickoff summer break, 612 captains organized the annual Summer CAD program. The Summer CAD program involves mechanical captains teaching CAD to returning members to ensure that everyone has those skills going into the next season. The course is self paced allowing members to work through it on their own time. All members are encouraged to participate in these lessons because CAD is an extremely useful software to use throughout the year, and is especially helpful to members who are not as experienced in CAD by allowing them to build and develop those skills to use during the season.

Finally, Team 612 has been planning the 23-24 season meticulously, not missing a single detail when it comes to the managing of a new season, along with subteam plans. With the planning for next year came the Mechanical Summer CAD program, where the captains teach the returning members CAD, in the hopes that everyone will feel a sense of belonging and comprehension when it comes to CAD. Now, With the summer calendars almost finalized, Team 612 is looking towards a bright year ahead.

Early in July, members of Team 612 gathered in the engineering room to organize their materials and clean up the room. Mechanical and Electrical organized and sorted their tools and equipment onto carts, and took inventory of the items that could be reused in future years. The programming subteam organized their ROMI robots, and re-imaged them to prepare lesson plans for new members. Marketing organized STEM outreach resources and safely stored photography equipment. In a nutshell, quite a successful and rewarding meeting for all of Chantilly Robotics.

From July 12-27, Team 612 conducted their annual summer camp at Brookfield Elementary School. To start off the event, 5 Chantilly Robotics members brought last season’s competition robot to Brookfield for a showcase for the elementary school students. The kids showed a lot of excitement as the robot was displayed, and many were eager to share their excitement to join robotics in the future. In the following weeks, team 612 hosted STEM workshop days at Brookfield, containing a variety of STEM activities, including Ozobots, Robot Mice used to simulate coding, and NXT robots. It is always heartwarming to see the next generation of STEM scholars thrive in the environment 612 has fostered.

On July 22nd, Team 612 held their annual basketball game at Rocky Run Middle School This event, full of friendly competition on the court, and socializing off the court, was a great experience for the members of 612 to reconnect with each other and enjoy a fun afternoon together as a team. The game, a long-standing 612 tradition, is an entertaining way to achieve team bonding before the season begins.

Without the support of sponsors like you, Team 612 would not be able to plan and offer such diverse outreach opportunities to promote STEM in our community. For Team 612 to continue providing opportunities to the next generation of STEM innovators, they need continued support from sponsors. For more details, please email or visit

About Chantilly Robotics

At Chantilly Robotics Team 612, we brighten the future for leaders and student

technologists within our team, school and community through fun and engaging methods of

learning and teaching while shining a light on the importance of STEM (science, technology,

engineering, math). Chantilly Robotics was founded in 2001 with eight student members and has

grown to over a 100 members in the 2021 season. Team 612 competes at FIRST Robotics

Competitions in the Chesapeake District and spreads STEM as well as FIRST values through

community outreach. For more information, visit or email Chantilly Robotics Team 612 is a club within Chantilly Academy, a

public educational institution.


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