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Chantilly 612 Prototyping strategy


  • Split new members into groups 

Chantilly, VA, Jan 13, 2024. As the build season unfolds, Chantilly Robotics (FRC 612) is in full swing, designing various prototypes for the 2024 robot.

Chantilly Robotics is preparing the robot for the 2024 FRC challenge called Crescendo, a music-themed game where the robots score game pieces, called Notes, into designated goals: the Amp for low-scoring and the Speaker for high-scoring. At the end of a match, the robot must climb a chain and attempt to score a Note into a high goal, called the Trap.  

To tackle this project, Team 612 strategically split into groups, each assigned to create a specific prototype for each required function of this year's game. One prototype team focused on the chassis, the structure of beams and frames located at the bottom of the robot. Drawing upon research from past designs, the chassis group engaged in an iterative process of sketching multiple new designs. After they compared the designs with each other, they compiled the best aspects together into a new prototype. By going through multiple design iterations, 612 ensures the chassis provides stability, structural integrity, and a robust base for the intricate maneuvers required in scoring Notes. 

Other prototype teams, such as the intake, shooter, and controls teams, implemented a similar design approach of research and collaboration. Leadership and mentors met to discuss the path forward for design. Technical team captains are organizing efforts to continue the hard work to innovate and convert prototypes into working features on the robot. 


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