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Team 612 Kicks Off Preseason Events During a Much Awaited In-Person School Year

Updated: Sep 23, 2023


  • Team 612 reflects on their various summer outreach events.

  • Chantilly Robotics commences the process of expanding their team.

  • The team gets back into the groove with their in-person preseason starting.

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA, September 1st, 2021. Throughout this past summer, Chantilly Robotics Team 612 has worked vigorously in order to continue the team mission and spread the values of FIRST. Firstly, fifteen of their team members volunteered every week throughout July at Brookfield Elementary School for a summer camp. These volunteers from across 612 introduced robot construction to Brookfield’s young learners, provided different science activities for varying grade levels, and encouraged K-6 students to learn about STEM in a fun and engaging manner.

To kick off our recruitment process, Chantilly Robotics participated in Charge Ahead— an annual event for incoming Chantilly High School freshmen. The team organized a compelling club orientation. Similar to the Brookfield ES students, the rising freshmen were captivated and intrigued by the technology and innovation made by high schoolers just like themselves.

An ongoing project of Team 612’s eventful summer is the CAD rocketry engineering program. Using Solidworks computer-aided design, 612 members create high-flying rockets to receive Level 1 National Association of Rocketry HPR certifications. The program began this April and is expected to conclude in mid-September with the launching of 612’s first rockets.

Finally, Team 612 is immensely excited for their first in-person season after almost 1½ years in a virtual team setting. Chantilly Robotics has plans for a productive, hands-on preseason which all their members are looking forward to.

Without the support of sponsors like you, Team 612 would not be able to plan and offer such diverse outreach opportunities to promote STEM in our community. For Team 612 to continue providing opportunities to the next generation of STEM innovators, they need continued support from sponsors. For more details, please email or visit

About Chantilly Robotics

At Chantilly Robotics Team 612, we brighten the future for leaders and student

technologists within our team, school and community through fun and engaging methods of

learning and teaching while shining a light on the importance of STEM (science, technology,

engineering, math). Chantilly Robotics was founded in 2001 with eight student members and has

grown to over 140 members in the 2020 season. Team 612 competes at FIRST Robotics

Competitions in the Chesapeake District and spreads STEM as well as FIRST values through

community outreach. For more information, visit or email Chantilly Robotics Team 612 is a club within Chantilly Academy, a

public educational institution.


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